Tel: +44 (0)161 241 0111 | Email:

Tel: +44 (0)161 241 0111 | Email:

Tel: +44 (0)161 241 0111

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Connect Two Limited are a responsible company who realise and agree with sustainable solutions to create the correct environmental balance.  It is important to note that compliance to electrical installations may restrict the overall impact regarding sustainability.

However, the following items are fully considered:


• Co-ordinated designs to optimise simplicity and to avoid installation waste.
Where practical the use of a natural daylight resources is incorporated.
The use of “intelligent” controls and BMS interfaces.
Fully addressable emergency lighting systems to allow fault detection to be reported automatically.
Designs incorporate all available low carbon technology.


• Equipment is procured nationally, but delivered locally.
Bulk purchase adopted to reduce vehicle movements.
Core components and standardisation are incorporated on all contracts to achieve full utilisation.
All components are sourced from a responsible supply chain.
Where possible all components are manufactured in UK.

Site Waste

• We accept fully our responsibilities regarding Site Waste Management Plans
(SWMP) to support a Main Contractor.
• Connect Two Limited’s internal policy is to segregate al generated waste.
• All equipment packaging is recycled.

For Materials in New Build and Refurbishment

• All metals, i.e. Copper, Aluminium and Steel are recycled.
• All plastics/PVS are recycled.


• Vehicle movements are managed, where possible to deliver full loads.
• Personnel are instructed where possible to vehicle share.
• For non-local Projects we provide local lodging.
• For non-local Projects we operate a 14 day shift pattern with an extended weekend.
• Where possible we supplement the workface using local labour.
• Where possible we operate an electronic administration system.

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